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How to have a Spa day in the comfort of your home

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How to have a Spa day in the comfort of your home

Everyone needs to take a breather from time to time. Unfortunately, everyday stress is not that easy to fight. You have to make time for yourself and allow yourself to relax and rewind. In that respect, a complete spa experience is the perfect stress-relieving technique. However, once the workday is over, most people just want to hurry home.

It can be difficult to make an effort of booking a spa session when you’re super busy, tired and moody. Still, this doesn’t mean that you should give up on this effective and mindful experience that can help you unwind after a long day or a rough patch. The key is that you need some “me” time to pamper yourself the way you deserve. So, why not have a spa day in the comfort of your home?




It’s time to power off

The first thing you want to do when organizing a relaxing spa day at home is to log out of all your social media profiles and turn off your gadgets. No smartphone, computer or TV when you’re about to enjoy a true spa experience. You wouldn’t have access to tech and gadgets when you’re in a salon, so follow this example in your home as well. This will allow you to get mindful and reenergized to the fullest. Not to mention that you don’t want anyone interrupting your piece and pampering by calling or messaging you.


Slip into something cozy and comfortable

The next step is to get as comfy and cozy as possible. If you have a soft robe, it’s time to put it on. Together with some fuzzy slippers, you’ll be all set for your spa experience. Don’t be too fixated on the robe though. Anything that makes you feel completely relaxed and comfy is perfectly fine. Your pajamas, and even sweats and baggy shirts can be great for this personal time. Anything works as long as you feel cozy, warm and happy.



Create a nice atmosphere

You will want to set the mood in your bathroom, as well as any other room you will be spending time in pampering. This can be your bedroom, but also any other room you find adequate. Light up your favorite scented candles and/or burn incense to relax your senses. Tidy up the space if there’s need for it. Dim the lights a little bit and play soothing and calming music you find relaxes you the most.

Healthy foods and drinks

Who wouldn’t want a nice snack as they’re pampering and enjoying themselves? Still, keep the spa theme and prepare some healthy foods and drinks that will also help you detox. Obviously, you should go for something you find delicious. Smoothies and cucumber sandwiches are the perfect choice. You can also prepare some tea, and add different spices to make the aroma as delightful and soothing as possible.


It’s time to start pampering

Decide what you’re going to do in your bathroom and the other room you chose for this spa day. Some people love applying body lotion while still in the bathroom while some like to do it in their bedroom when they’re completely dry. So, organize the beauty steps the way you enjoy the most.

Don’t skip any steps while in the bath. Take the time to enjoy the foam, the scents, the scrubs, the gels and everything else that will make your spa-like bath relaxing and fulfilling. Aside from rich body lotion, don’t forget about beneficial facial masks either. Popular activated charcoal skin care masks are perfect to clean your skin of all impurities, while a home-made honey and avocado mask is excellent for replenishing and rejuvenating your skin. Layer your serums, tonics and creams the way you always wanted, but never found the time to do so. The same goes for your hair care. Afterwards, pay attention to your hands and nails. Pamper your nails with an amazing custom nail polish in your favorite color.

Do something extra

Once you’re done bathing, exfoliating, with hair care and all-over skin care, don’t feel like the moment’s gone, and turn the TV on or something like that. It’s “me” time until you fall asleep. So, do something extra for yourself – have a glass of bubbly, eat some chocolate,  write in your diary or read a good book. It’s all about tuning out from the world and tuning into yourself.

Once you experience the benefits of a spa day at your own home you’ll definitely want to do that for yourself more often. You can even turn this stress-relieving activity into a fun evening with your friend(s) and a glass of wine.

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