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8 Fall Beauty Trends Revealed

Hi, my lovelies. Hope you have all had a good week and have something great planned for the weekend! I’m babysitting. So this Friday we have a guest post from the amazing Amy Mia (I’ve been super busy). Her post will be about 8 fall beauty trends (Yay, fall!) Hope you enjoy.

Every woman in the world has something that makes her unique, no matter if that’s her smile, freckles, or an authentic hairstyle she rocks. Of course, many people claim that happy women who love and are loved are in fact the most beautiful ones. However, proper care is something that significantly contributes to a natural beauty and makes you look fantastic, so if you want to learn about 8 fall beauty trends, just stay with us and keep on reading!

Nourished skin is a healthy skin

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Only a nourished and hydrated skin is a healthy skin, so moisturize it properly this fall. Make sure to switch to thicker products with a bit richer formula, since serums and gels you used during summer won’t do the trick. Invest in both morning and night skincare routines, since that’s the only way for your skin to be nourished and loved. Be sure not to forget your neck, hands, elbows, and knees, since women often tend to forget these areas.

 Beauty comes from within

Apart from proper skincare, you should turn to a better lifestyle in general. Healthy eating habits, sufficient water intake, physical activity and good night’s sleep are also crucial for your health and the overall well-being. However, if you’re really busy and your everyday life is extremely hectic, you may want to get some digestive health supplements. Apart from improving your digestive health, these can also be highly beneficial for your skin, making it healthy and luminous.

 The importance of enzymes for your health and beauty

Foods that contain enzymes are also extremely beneficial, since they support your health, beauty, and immune system. Raw and organic fruits and veggies are an absolute must on a daily basis, as well as seeds and raw nuts. Don’t skip your healthy green smoothie either!

 Master at least 2 makeup routines for your face shape

How To Master The Art Of Natural Makeup


As you may already know, every face shape requires specific makeup techniques that can accentuate its best features. So, it’s up to you to learn more about your own face and find a makeup technique that suits it best. Besides that, you should master at least two makeup looks – one for the day and one for the night. If you’re up for a natural one, you should definitely go for mineral makeup. Blush, bronzer, and mascara are absolutely unavoidable, even for no-makeup makeup looks.

 The inevitable touch of peachy blush

As already stated, blush is one of the most wanted makeup products that can do wonders with your cheeks, making them look flushed and healthy. There isn’t a better way to come up with a natural yet so stunning natural look than to add a touch of peachy blush to your cheeks, so don’t skip this step under any circumstances and you’ll see an instant improvement!

 Perfectly shaped eyebrows frame your face

People often say that eyebrows provide a perfect frame for our face, and even though they can be really tricky to groom, once you’re done, you’ll absolutely love the result! You can use a pencil, pomade, or a gel to fill them in and define a perfect shape, so do that and your eyes will inevitably pop up.

 Embrace fall color palette

Fall is characterized with warm tones, so introduce them into your everyday routines ASAP. Playing with colors on your lips is what you should do, and brick, berry, and red shades are probably the best ones for this season. As for your eyes, there are gold, copper, brown, and burgundy. Match the color on your eyes with your clothing combo, and you’ll nail your overall look like a pro this fall!

 Find a flawless haircut for your face shape

In case you didn’t know, a haircut that matches your face shape can make you look younger, so consult your hairstylist about some necessary changes. However, if you love taking care of your hair in the comfort of your own home, don’t worry – there are still ways to do accomplish it properly, no matter the length of your tresses. Curls and wavy hair will never go out of style, so get your trusted curling want and work on your new hairdo patiently. Once you’re done, you’ll be proud of your Hollywood waves and deep set, polished curls!

As you can see, there are so many trends you can keep up with this fall. If these 8 are too much for you, pick a couple of them that will work best for you, and you’ll be just fine!

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