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Hey you guuuys ( This just reminds me of the guy from Goonies) anyway, hope you are all well and alive. I’ve had a great weekend shopping (As usual) and watching Game Of Thrones. What have you guys been up to?

This Blog post is about the Billion Dollar Brow universal eyebrow pencil which I kindly received a few week ago. My opinions are honest and I’ve had a few weeks to use the product and get to know it.


Sooo, when it comes to my eyebrows I have a HUGE problem. My right eyebrow has a scar going through it, this shows mainly when i scowl (Which is a lot). This makes it difficult for me to do my eyebrows because well, my eyebrows will never match. I do get my eyebrows done, I’d like to say regularly. I have been using the L’Oreal brow shaper pencil, which I have been really enjoying but I’ve been wanting a change.

The packaging of this product is the usual eyebrow pencil combo. Eyebrow product at one end and the eyebrow spoolie brush at the other. The eyebrow pencil section is retractable. In my case I get more of the product because when I have to sharpen pencils I usually over-sharpen it and it falls off so then I have to do it again (I can’t be the only one?). Plus it saves time.


I first used this brow pencil a week ago (I don’t do my makeup regularly because I never go out) and WOW it’s my new favorite eyebrow pencil. I start of by using the spoolie brush to comb through my brows. I always comb them upwards because they sit nicely. I then use the product to fill in my eyebrows (Obviously). I draw a line on the top section and then one on the bottom. I use small upwards strokes in the center to fill them in. By doing small upwards strokes it makes the product look natural and blend in with eyebrows, as the hairs go upwards.


Using the spoolie brush I then go back over the brows and brush them upwards again (UPWARDS!!) this acts as a blending tool and gets rid of any harsh lines. The product will blend evenly over the brows making them look natural and flawless.  The product is a ‘universal’ product suggesting that it is created to work with most skin tones and hair colours.

I highly recommend this product if you are a huge fan of pencil brow products like me! I love that it doesn’t look too thick and look like you have slug brows (We all know these people). It blends perfectly and doesn’t rub off onto your face. It goes over my scar and covers it, this is a really important one for me as not many products do!

This is the first time I’ve used anything from this brand and it certainly won’t be the last! They offer a range of brow products and tools from; brow gel, tints, powder and tweezers. They also offer eyebrow kits and they are on SALE at the minute, go get a kit today. Not only do they have a sale on some of their kits they are giving 10% off within your first order and they offer How-to-videos (This is literally a lifesaver for me).

The eyebrow duo pencil shown is only £17! Go check out their website here.

Hope you all enjoyed my review and don’t forget to go check Billion Dollar Brows out.

What is your favorite eyebrow product?

Do you like trying new eyebrow products or do you only stick to one certain type?

Lots Of Love, Caitlin






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