Morning Skincare Regime

Morning Skincare Regime

I think following a simple skincare routine every morning is super important. Not only does it leave my skin looking brighter and healthier but it also prepares me for my day ahead. I feel like I’ve got my shit together. My skin is going to be ready for whatever that day is going to throw at me. Sun? No problem got my SPF on. Snow? Pfft, hun, my moisturiser is keeping that water locked in!

Here is the simple eight-step routine I do every morning without fail. Even when I just want to have a lazy day.

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Step 1- Wash off Cleanser

CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser

I wet my hands, then put one pump onto my fingers, and rub it onto my face. Then use another pump and do the same but on my neck. I then wet a make-up remover cloth and wipe it off using this. This product hydrates and cleanses the skin removing sweat and oil created during the night.

Step 2: Leave on Cleanser

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Cleanser

After I have patted my face dry, I go in with this cleanser. I put two pumps onto my fingers and rub into my skin and wait until it dries. I do this extra cleansing step just to make sure I have removed all the sweat and oil. This is a milky, gel-like formula and includes hyaluronic acid. It hydrates the face and leaves it feeling fresh!

Step 3: Toner

Simple Soothing Facial Toner

I soak a cotton pad with this product and wipe the pad all around my face and neck. Concentrating more on the T-Zone. This product is 100% alcohol-free and includes no harsh chemicals. Toning is important as it balances the skins pH levels. This helps the skin to become less prone to oiliness and infection and creates a brighter appearance overall.

Step 4 Serum 1

The Ordinary- Hyaluronic Acid 2% +B5

Once my face has dried, I apply two drops to the palm of my hand and rub my hands together. Then, I apply it to my face and neck, covering everywhere. This dries within seconds so you have to be quick! This works to re-hydrate the skin on a multi-depth level keeping it plump and smooth.

Step 5 Serum 2

Ole Henriksen Truth Serum

WOW! I love this serum. Not only does it smell fab, but it also leaves my skin looking so vibrant just after a few uses. It’s a collagen booster and is full of FIVE different types of Vitamin C. It brightens, firms, hydrates and helps prevent the appearance of ageing. Perfect!

Skip 6 Eye Cream

Ole Henriksen Banana Bright Eye Cream

This banana eye cream, again, smells amazing! You only need a little bit as it goes a long way. Banana Bright eye cream brightens and instantly targets fine lines and wrinkles, delivering age-defying results. It contains special pigments to instantly brighten and colour-correct the eye area so it’s perfect to hide those bags!

Step 7 Moisturiser

Ole Henriksen C-rush Brightening Gel Cream

Right, I’m going to have to say that the Ole Henriksen Truth range just smells divine, literally like summer! Apply this to the face and neck. It’s very lightweight and it’s refreshing. It includes 3 sources of Vitamin C and Rose of winter extract. It hydrates and brightens the skin.

Step 8 Sunscreen

Boots Soltan Once Face 8hr Protection

The most important part of the routine! I apply a small amount to my face and neck, it dries very quickly so perfect for applying makeup straight after. It has SPF 50+ and is water-resistant. Now, I’ve always struggled to find a good, affordable sunscreen that has suited my skin. This product, right here, does all of the above… my fav!

Final Thoughts

I feel super confident and really happy with my skin at the moment and I 100% think it’s down to my skincare routine which I follow religiously. You don’t have to do as many steps as I take, you can start off with just a few products and then start to build your skincare routine up.

I also have a guest blog post about how to have a spa day in the comfort of your own home- you can find this here. This is the perfect way to wind down after a long day.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my morning skincare regime. I will be doing a nighttime skincare routine soon. Keep up-to-date with my posts subscribe to my blog to receive them straight to your inbox!

Love, Caitlin X

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