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OOTD|When In Doubt Wear Red

Hey lovelies, hope you like my new snazzy blog (It took me 6 hour, please like it I’ll be sad). It’s actually sunny for once in England and here I am sat indoors writing… logic. Anyways, I got my A-level results today and WOW I actually got the grades I wanted!! This has never happened to me before, I am over the mooooon. Got my B in Photography. Hard work really does pay off.

Soo let’s get back to the point. My ‘When In Doubt Wear Red’ post. I LOVE this outfit! Last Saturday me and my big sister (She’s actually smaller than me) went out for lunch and cocktails. We went to my FAVORITE place ever.. Turtle Bay. If you’ve never been you really need to, the cocktails are fab and the food is lush. I’m pretty sure it’s a chain restaurant, its Jamaican food btw, yum!


This outfit is super cute and I think it looked classy (If I do say so myself). I have been looking everywhere for some red trousers and finally I found the prefect ones. Missguided is literally my lifesaver. Most of my clothes are from there as they do a petite section and it’s reasonably priced. I’ve probably spent hundreds on their clothes, the rest goes on food (I love food, who doesn’t?). So when I found these super cute high-waisted trousers I had to buy them!

full outfit

Get the red trousers here: £20 

I paired them with this 90s style top, which is also from (bet you can’t guess) Missguided. Shock horror. It’s a silky material and ties round the neck and the bottom section of the back. It leaves the back showing which is definitely a 90s statement. The colour is gorgeous! Navy is the ‘new’ it colour for the autumn season (I know it’s not autumn yet buuuut I love autumn that much). I think paired with the red trousers makes the outfit look classy (like cocktail classy, not drunk passing out in the toilet kinda outfit. We’ve all been there.) I always ‘free the nipple’ with these kinda tops because;

1. It would look silly with a bra because of the back bit.

2. It would ruin the nice sleek look.

3. Freeing the nipple is the best feeling ever!


Ge the 90s top here: £15

The shoes! (Please all take a moment to look properly at the shoes) these have been my babies for two years now. My black, platform 90s shoe. They go with pretty much everything and look fab (plus they make me look taller, I’m small). I think that they are so cute due to them tying round my ankle in a little bow. I actually got these from Topshop in the sale for £20 (Bargain). I only really buy shoes from there when they have a sale on (I’m not made of money). I was going to wear some black pointed heels, they would have looked much better in my opinion but these shoes are just to comfy.

How gorgeous is the bag though? My boyfriend’s mum bought it me and it was the first time I wore it and its fair to say I am in love with it. It’s just so different to all the other bags (I mean come on look at the chain detail, hellooo?). The colour is perfect because black goes with anything. I think it looked great paired with this outfit because it matched the shoes like ive said before the shoes and the bag have to match! (Just my opinion guys).


By the end of the day I was ready for coming home to snuggle up with my Elliott and watch Game Of Thrones (Help, I’m getting old) plus I dropped food down my trousers… (Whaaat?! I’m a messy eater I can’t help it). I just want to say a HUGE thank you to my subscribers, love you guys!

Go check out my sisters blog guys! 

Lots Of Love, Caitlin


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