Coffee Chats – How I’ve overcome anxiety

Hello lovelies, have you got your coffee at the ready? Are you in your comfies? Good! let’s dive in. So it’s official… I’m back and for good now! We are going to chat about how I have overcome my anxiety and where I am today.

Welcome back

WOW, so much has changed since last time I had a coffee chat with you all. It’s quite sad really. I really did want to get back to it but I became lazy and it became more of a chore rather than something that I enjoy. However, recently I have found myself jotting blog post ideas down and itching to get back at it. So, here I am.

I think it’s better to take a break (Even if it is over a year) and let it come naturally instead of forcing it and eventfully hating it. Personally, I thought i’d never get back doing it again and that made me really sad. I am so proud of my blog (and so I should be!). I have learnt so much from it and  because of this blog I am here doing what I do now.

My Anxiety

If you read my last blog post (Beauty Box), you will have seen that it said that I now live back in Sheffield. Manchester were awesome but family comes first. I came back and put my career on hold just until I got it together (Me and my family have been through a lot this past year).

I felt myself spiraling back down into my unhappy place. This time round I knew what to look for and didn’t let it get to the point where I was a few year back.

I took myself straight to the doctors talked to him, talked to my mum and got myself back on my medication. I think the key point here is talking – no matter your age or gender. This time I didn’t feel weak or embarrassed I felt strong. I overcame my anxiety. I started to get myself back on track and picked myself up.

I am so proud of myself and my family for how well we have dealt with things and stuck by one another along the way.

What I was doing

I worked at Home Bargains for six month when I came back home. I knew I needed to get myself some money and also so I didn’t go insane being stuck at home all day. I absolutely loved it. I met some lovely people and again, grew as a person.

Then in April I decided I was going to get back to my dream career (Digital Marketing if you didn’t know). I started applying for jobs and had an interview. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the job. They thought my heart was in Fashion Digital Marketing and that I was passionate about it. I decided that It wasn’t gong to stop me from applying. I knew I had to keep going, it was just a part of growing and learning.

Then, in march, I landed another interview. I turned up (10 minted late -I got really lost!). I’d basically already fucked up. I still gave it my all as well as apologizing loads for it.

really got on with the ladies that were interviewing me and I was in there for around 70 minutes just talking and having a laugh. I remember getting back to my car and thinking I’d smashed it even though I’d been late. Two days later I received a call. They offered me the job! Of course I accepted.

Where I am now

I started not long after and I’ve been there for around six months now (I can’t believe I’ve been there half a year already!). Unfortunately the downfall is, I’ve had to start my apprenticeship again. Everybody thought I was never going to go back into it- I even lost hope at one point. I knew I had to do it. I enjoyed it and I was also good at it.

I am so proud of myself for getting back at it an picking myself up because at the end of the day nobody will be there for you like you. Selfish, but true. You really do have to look out for number one.

I have also started selling Body Shop products as a little something on the side. I sell everything that the body shop sell but I have fab discounts. Some products even have 50% off! If you love the cruelty free beauty products as much as me come and join my Facebook page Ageless Beauty. Everyone is welcome.

Any-who, I will leave you to continue reading blog posts and spending hours watching YouTube channels (If you are like me). It just makes the perfect Sunday. I am just so happy to announce that I am back and look forward to writing more blog posts for you all.

Lots of love,

Caitlin XOXO

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