Fitness Routine at Home

Hello lovelies, I am back! My blog has been down for four months as I just wanted some time to work on me again. I hope you had a lovely Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family! How are you all doing through lockdown number 3? This lockdown has taken its toll on me, so I have decided to get myself back into blogging and fitness. This blog post will be a break down of my Fitness Routine at Home.

I think fitness is not only great for the body but your mind too. I have felt more motivated and less lethargic as well as feeling better in myself. It’s been helping with my anxiety and helping me sleep better. It just boosts my overall mood. I have found a great routine that I do at home, mostly on my lunch breaks, that works well for me and fits into my work routine. I thought I would share the workouts that I do and I hope it can help you get a routine going.

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Equipment needed; 

  • Set of dumbbells
  • Resistance bands
  • Fitness step (Or you can use a step/chair in your house) 
  • Water bottle
  • Comfortable gym clothes
  • Access to YouTube
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On a morning I always plan the workout that I will be doing by adding the videos to my watchlist on YouTube, then on my lunch break I get changed and head downstairs to the living room and watch them on the TV. I watch Nicola Live Fitness, I really enjoy the videos, she has so much energy and keeps you motivated. I messaged her and she very kindly helped me come up with the below routine:


I start with the upper body dumbbell workout – I struggle with pain in my right shoulder and find it’s my weakest area, I’m not sure if I lay on it funny when I’m sleeping. This workout is helping me to build up the muscle.

Then I move onto the upper body resistance band routine – Again, this really helps build up the strength in my shoulder. I then do a warm down video which Nicola also does.

Upper Body Dumbbell
Upper Body Resistance Bands


On a Tuesday I do a Yoga workout. Again, I use YouTube to do this and have found a really good instructor, Yoga with Adriene. Adriene has done a 30 day Breath journey for beginners and it takes you through breathing techniques while you do Yoga which can help with anxiety as well as boosting immune function and removing emotional blockages. I usually put my incense burner on while I do a session, it’s very relaxing and allows me to release all negative energy.


I start with the lower body dumbbell workout – not going to lie, this one is a killer and will leave your legs feeling like jelly! No pain no gain, right?

Then I move onto the lower body resistance band routine – I enjoy doing this one and LOVE doing crab walks, they make me giggle. I then finish off with a warm down.

Lower Body Dumbbell
Lower Body Dumbbell




On a Friday I do a full-body dumbbell and bodyweight workout, I start with one of Nicola’s full-body workouts then I do a 10-minute killer abs workout out, which really is a killer! The first time you do this, your abs will definitely feel it. Then I do a warm down.

Full Body Dumbbell & Body Weight Workout
Killer Abs Workout




I try and get out for a walk for a couple of hours, I know we are only allowed out for an hour but I live in the middle of nowhere which is very quiet and I also believe that your mental health comes first. Here are 7 reasons to go out walking:

  • Increases heart and lung fitness
  • Reduces the risk of heart disease and strokes
  • Improves management of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, joint and muscular pain or stiffness, and diabetes
  • Strengthens bones and improves balance
  • Increases muscle strength and endurance
  • Reduces body fat
  • Helps with mental health

My favourite exercises are the ones that I get to spend time laying on the floor, to be honest.

My Diet

So, I believe that my diet is fairly healthy. I eat at least 3 fish dishes a week, 1 beef and then I try and have a chicken dish (It’s my least favourite meat). I eat a lot of vegetables and try and eat fruit as well as yoghurt. Carbohydrates and proteins are important on the days I exercise. Chocolate and crisp are still in my diet, especially on a Sunday, but everything in moderation… maybe not when it’s my period.

Liquids, I drink 2L of water a day if not more. This helps to reduce the number of headaches I get as well as keeping my skin clear and feeling less tired. I rarely drink fizzing drinks, only alcohol really and I usually wait until the weekend. Vitamins – I take vitamins every morning. Vitamin C, Vitamin D and B12. I will do a blog post soon on the importance of these vitamins.

Final Say

How do you find exercising at home and what material/equipment do you use?

If you don’t do any workouts due to not knowing where to start, has this post helped you?

Feel free to ask me any questions below or fill in my contact form and I will respond as soon as I can.

Love, Caitlin


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