The Girl On the Train (Book Review)

Hi guys hope you’ve all enjoyed your weekend (I spent most of it watching Game Of Thrones) its been quite miserable here in Yorkshire so I thought a lazy day was definitely on the cards.

This is my first ever blog post (exciting I know!) and I have just recently finished reading the girl on the train, (author Paula Hawkins) so I thought that would be a good first post. I borrowed this book from my Step-mum to take on holiday with me. I got back a week a go and I only took this book with me on holiday because I thought I wouldn’t read two books. I never read at home either because I’m too busy or I cant find the perfect environment. I know that sounds silly but if I don’t, I can’t get into the book and really concentrate on it.

This book literally took me 3 days to read, I thought it was brilliant, it was unputdownable! The book is not what I expected. I thought it was going to be some romantic fairy-tale, however, it was the complete opposite as it’s about a murder. Its in the form of a diary but from 3 different women’s perspective (Rachel, Anna and Megan) moving back and forth in time. Although all these women are linked together, and as you read on it begins to unfold.

The book is full of enigmas from start to end, you are constantly guessing and trying to piece it all together and unravel the mystery yourself. From start to finish the book has an eerie feel about it and is full of twists. Twists you cannot call. It leaves you feeling tense but wanting more.

I 100% recommend this book, I loved it and I was contemplating whether the film was going to be as intense. However, it was surprisingly satisfying as it did the book justice, not many directors achieve this but Tate Taylor almost certainly did.

Key Word: Unputdownable

Love, Caitlin


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