The Yorkshire 3 Peaks|Update!

Hey all, hope you’ve all had a great weekend? I know I have! So, if you read my blog on a regular basis you will know that this weekend I was completing The Yorkshire 3 Peaks (I actually did it guys!!!). However, If you are a newbie to my blog and want to know a little bit more on what the Yorkshire 3 peaks is and why I have done it you can check out my last blog post The Yorkshire 3 Peaks’. So this blog post it all about our day and how we actually survived it (I almost didn’t).

IMG_2851(This is the team: Kate, Gerald, Simon, Lucy, Toni, Darren, Elliott, me and Pepper the dog)

We was up bright and early (Well, it was still dark in all fairness) at 5am ready to set off to get to the Yorkshire Dales (I slept most of the way… who wouldn’t?). This is the first picture we took before we began to take on the challenge ahead (That’s why we all look so happy and refreshed). My backpack literally was like a walking chemist as I had the flu (Elliott passed it me and got rid of his before the walk -.-) I also had soo much chocolate to keep me going, oh and I can’t forget the glucose tablets which was a life saver! I can remember looking up at the first peak ‘Pen-y-ghent’ and thinking holy s**t I can not do this. Within the first half an hour I thought my legs were already giving up, I was tired, I needed a nap and I still had 11 hour 30 minutes to go. However, when I started getting into the swing of it and convinced myself I could so it I no longer felt tired and I took in the amazing scenery around. Before 9am we all got to the top of the first peak. I was so buzzing, I literally had so much energy and thought this is it we can do it. Everybody else felt the same, we all high-fived and cheered and took our first picture on top of the first peak.

IMG_2834The team on top of Pen-y-ghent

IMG_2812Elliott and I on top of Pen-y-ghent

The walk from Pen-y-ghent to the Ribblehead viaduct was a very, very long walk! I asked if we could stop for food and Kate said when we get to the viaduct we could. Toni said it was only 1.5 miles away so I though I could easily keep going. Toni had lied and the viaduct was waaaay further than 1.5 miles, it seemed to get further and further away (I just wanted fooood). On our way to the viaduct there were odd patches of mud (I mean like the sludgy/wet kind). We couldn’t go over it, we couldn’t go under it so we had to go through it! (This is what happens when you have a niece…) Simon almost slipped and I found it hilarious. Me and Elliott were having a casual conversation next thing I know I’m laid in MUD! (I were covered). Guess that’s what I get for laughing at Simon, It didn’t stop me though. We eventually made it to the viaduct (By the way this is the viaduct which is used in Harry Potter and The Chamber Of Secrets when Harry and Ron nearly get hit by the train! pretty cool, huh?) We finalllly got our food and then set back off for the next Peak.

IMG_2845Lucy and Simon pretending to be Harry potter at the Ribblehead viaduct.

This were a very long, stretched walk up the next peak ‘Whernside’. However, due to it being a gradual incline it didn’t seem so bad. Again we pushed ourselves up it and encouraged one another. When we eventually got to the top of this peak it had began spitting and became colder. We was that high you could see Blackpool tower from far out (CRAZZZY). We took our second picture on our second peak. The walk back down the peak were very rocky and proved a great challenge (If you fell you’d probably die, no lie). At the bottom of this peak we had our second big stop and ate a bit more food, I changed my socks because my feet had become all sweaty and I began to get some blisters. Elliott’s blisters were pretty bad though and he had to plaster up nearly his entire foot.

IMG_2843The team on our second peak Whernside.

Now, my toughest challenge of the day was walking past a pub on the way to the last peak (I had to hold myself back… and Elliott and Simon). Lucy also faced her toughest challenge as we had to walk through a field of cows (She basically ran to the end). The last peak ‘Ingleborough’ was by far the hardest challenge of them all. The amount of steps you had to climb were ridiculous. By this point my thighs felt as if a horse had kicked them both. The peak were practically vertical, I felt as though I were rock climbing as it required both hands and feet. Elliott is terrified of heights and was not enjoying it at all. We eventually got to the top and Lucy (the legend) had brought up a small bottle of Moet for us all to share, so we sat like naughty teenagers and passed the bottle round. We took our last (Thank god for that) team picture on the last peak.

IMG_2836The team on Ingleborough, which was very cold and wet!

Now, we were all so proud and tired. We couldn’t wait to get down and back to the village. However, this actually seemed like the most hardest challenge out of them all. It was raining at this point and all the way down the peak it was rocky, muddy and just awful. Our legs had began to give it (Especially my little ones), the sign said it were only 2 miles back to the village… this seemed like 5 miles! I became even more ditsy than usual because I felt my body ready for giving up. I slipped and got my ankle wedged in between two rocks, sending me forwards, I fell and got stuck. My dad (My hero) came towards and helped me out, I could just feel pain and began to cry (My emotions were all over the shop at this point) I slowed everyone down. My dad had to support me all the way down and this lovely couple had donated a walking poll which was a huge help. I still managed to finish it and made my way down! Pepper could’ve probably done it all again, she was so energetic and ready to go. As soon as we got back to the pub though, Pepper curled up and were fast on. I had a little bottle of prosecco and an amazing Ratatouille, It was delicious. Finally I got into bed and as soon as my head hit the pillow I was gone. The next day we were all in so much pain, even now my legs ache and my ankle still hurts but it was so worth it!


Thank you for everyone that has supported us and helped us raise £1,775! We are now trying to push this to £2,000. Most importantly thank you to the group which helped and supported one another to the very end. This is such an achievement and an experience ‘ll never forget.


Love, caitlin


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