Why I’ve been super busy

Hello lovelies, hope you are all well. I haven’t posted in awhile because I’ve been super busy (Not even exaggerating) but today I have a day off to catch up on my blog work so that’s just what I am doing.

What I’ve been doing

So, last Monday I started Work experience. I started at a global company called Croda, some may have heard of it. Basically Croda is a hugeee chemical company, pretty much everything you use will have a Croda chemical in. For example, your L’Oreal makeup, or your Este Lauder lipstick, or even your plastic water bottle. They have a marketing team so I went to work with them for two weeks. I am more interested in the digital marketing sector which Croda are hoping to create. Digital Marketing is the way forward as we all know.


Coffee has been my best friend

I have been up every morning at 6am, that is such a difficult task for me (I am not a morning person) buuut I have been able to do it! Not only have I been up early but straight after I finish at Croda I have been having to travel to my part time job on an evening and then I haven’t been getting home while 9pm. You have to do these things though. I have been knackered.

I were given a set off tasks to complete within the two weeks there. However, I had completed these tasks by Monday which is why I haven’t had to go in. I am going in tomorrow as the Marketing manager is taking me out for lunch to say thank you (How lovely).

I were given 5 tasks:

  1. Go through the new platform and give feedback- I ended up writing three pages of feedback (I like to be precise)
  2. I had to come up with ideas on how Croda could promote their website on Social media- I did a PowerPoint presentation for this and came up with loads of ideas but I then had to present it which I were extremely nervous about but it went so well!
  3. Find some images for the new website
  4. Check Google Analytics and find some interesting facts and figures
  5. Review the new platform and compare to the old one.

Why I’ve enjoyed it

I enjoyed most of the tasks given. The people who work there are also very lovely. They have made me feel very welcome and it didn’t take me long to settle in because of how comfortable they made me feel. Now I can’t forget the free food! (Yup I said the word FREE) it’s delicious and there’s so many choices. Although the head chef, John is a little intimidating but he makes good food so I guess its excused.

I also got super excited to try on all my new clothes. They were very smart and looked dead cute. Unfortunately I didn’t have my phone for a week as I left it in someones car (I’m terrible with my phone) otherwise I would’ve taken some work outfit posts.

Overall Experience

I have really enjoyed my work experience at Croda. It has definitely helped me decide where I want to be in the next year or so and I am so excited for my future. I am looking at apprenticeships in digital marketing in the Manchester region and hopefully I will be moving out there (I cant waitttt).

Now I can sit and have a little break. I am off to Morocco next week for my boyfriends 21st and it’s going to be lush. Be prepared to see lots of pictures and hear lots about it.

Thank you for reading

Love, Caitlin



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