What’s happening in 2018…

Hey lovelies. Hope you have all had an absolute amazing Christmas and New year! Do any of you have an New Years resolutions and if so what are they? Mines to get myself back into a routine and to blog regularly. I would also like to give you all a BIG apology for not posting yet! I’ve been sooo behind on my blogging this year but there is a reason to it all, I promise.

My ultimate goal for 2018 was to move out to Manchester and get a job in Digital Marketing. Just before Christmas I got a job interview for a company known as CuddleCo. They sell baby products such as the Doona!  Anyway, the day after my interview I got asked to go in for an induction day a week before Christmas, so I said yes. I really enjoyed my day however, I had a few concerns as to whether I was going to be left alone to my own devices (I went for an apprenticeship). The agency I went with told me absolutely nothing (Literally… nothing) so I was a little apprehensive about it all.

A day after my induction, the agency called and told me I had been offered the job! Obviously I was over the moon about it all but still in the back of my mind I was a little worried. Before I gave an answer I asked to speak to my employer and tell him my concerns, he were brilliant and put my mind at ease. Two days later, after putting a lot of thought into it, I said yes!

My new Home:

I started my new job three weeks after Christmas so it gave me time to find my own place in Manchester and so I could get myself settled in. On the 10th of January I moved into my own home.

The house I live in is a shared house between 8 of us (I know, sooo many people in one house). The top floor has a kitchen and 4 bedrooms and the bottom floor has a kitchen and another four bedrooms so it’s not too bad. I was the second person to move into the house as it’s a brand new build. I am so pleased with how I have made my room look, its dead cosy and cute. I am so pleased with it all apart from one thing. The neighbors. They are a nightmare! Literally, at 11pm they decide to start banging against the wall and sawing stuff (DO THAT DURING THE DAY OR WEEKENDS!). The first Saturday I stopped in my new home I got kept awake from 12am-7am (Honesty, I was fuming) I’ve managed to kinda solve the problem by wearing earplugs. Other than that my little home is perfect!

My On-suite

The bed and desk area

My walk in wardrobe and dressing table area

My new job:

So, I started my job on the 15th of January and I love it! I have been soo busy just none stop all the time (Which I love, it stops me from being bored) the people there are lovely and have made me feel very welcome. I feel like I’ve been working there forever,

The company I work for is split into two sections;

CuddleCo- This side creates and sells baby products and stuff for mummy’s. So all you mummy bloggers go check out CuddleCo!

Scruffs- This side creates pet beds.

Our products (Aww, I said our) are unique though to other companies. They are made from materials such as bamboo and we use memory foam in a lot of our products which comes with a lot of benefits.

I basically do all the social media platforms for the company and find different ways of promoting them using social media. I use analytics to find the correct target audience. I have also been helping design the new CuddleCo website as the CuddleCo section is quite new as they have a whole new range of products. I have been creating blog posts for the company too! I have literally done all this in the space of two weeks so I am so excited to see what else I’ll be doing.


On my first week there I also got dared to eat a chicken foot (Don’t worry, it was cooked. It got brought back from China by our boss) I am always up for trying new things. I didn’t think it tasted all that bad. I found it pointless though as you only get a tiny bit of meat off the bone.

IMG_3587Me with the chciken foot.

You can read again!

I hope you understand why I have been so busy. I’ve just been trying to get back into the swing of things (Getting up early mainly). I am hoping to blog at least twice a week. I am so excited to share my career journey with you all.

I am also selling some EVE LOM makeup on my Depop which hasn’t been used as it’s too dark for me, it’s brand new!!

Thank you for reading.

Love, Caitlin




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