Moroccan Nights: Part 1

Hey lovelies. I am back from my Blogging break! Are you all looking forward to Christmas? I know I am. Also, I can’t wait to share my Moroccan holiday with you, it were amazingggg. I am so happy to be back from my break, I just needed a little time to myself and to sort stuff out. Thank you for being so patient with me, it means a lot (I have the most Christmas smelling candle on right now, it smells gorgeous).

Moroccan Nights


So, on the 27th of October we were travelling from Sheffield to Stansted (That’s where we were flying from). My god, it were the most stressful day. I had to get my nails done, Alison, Elliott’s mum, had to get her eyelashes done. Jeff, Elliott’s stepdad, got a phone call from his mother who had badly hurt her knee (Nightmare). Elliott and Henry, Elliott’s brother, had not yet packed so Alison were stressing at them. It were like a scene from Home Alone. Anyway, we finally got sorted at by 5pm we were all in the car and on our way to Stansted.

We arrived around 8pm, we were all starving. We sat down for out meal at the hotel (Finally) and all had some grub and alcohol of course. Elliott opened his 21st birthday presents (His birthday isn’t until the 29th but we couldn’t go on the plane with all the presents.) Alexander, Elliott’s younger brother, tried practicing his French (Moroccans speak French, I had no idea!) then we finally all went up to our rooms for an early night as we were up for 3.30am.

When we got to the airport, I felt very sick and had a poorly stomach. We found this little French looking cafe in the airport and all sat down for breakfast, I decided I needed to have a bit of food before I got on the plane. I ordered a slice of toast with scrambled eggs which costs me £8 (£8? £8? for a slice of toast and eggs… rip off!). Alexander decided to check the screen and our gate had opened so I had to cancel my order ( I were slightly relieved about that). On the plane I had the most awful breakfast burrito ever (Tasted like cardboard) then I decided to sleep most of the way and annoyed Elliott as I laid all over him (LOL).

Finally, we got to our Villa around dinner time. It were stunning! We had 3 bedrooms, our own pool and our own Terrance. It were a proper traditional villa with the Moroccan chandeliers and Moroccan furniture, big long colorful curtains. The windows were huge and again had colorful glass in them. The pool! Omg, it were just the perfect size for all six of us. It had a little fountain in it at the bottom and then we had a little sofa in a pergola type thing.

We had booked our own Chef whom cooked our breakfast and lunch everyday (bliss). The food the lady cooked were lovely, we had proper traditional Moroccan food. Chicken Tagine, vegetable Tagine, vegetable couscous, and a cornbread type of food. The amount of effort the lady had put into the food were just incredible, so many spices and flavors. We all sat and ate both meals outside in the sun.

Our Villa 

Day 1:

The first day we all unpacked and then me and Alison got our bikinis on and sun bathed of course. It were averaging about 31-32 degrees each day. The boys all played card games and Alexander tested out the pool (It were freezing). Jeff and Alison had booked their favorite restaurant for that evening (Alison has been four times now). Restaurant le Marrakchi. This was A M A Z I N G we went into the doorway and a man were stood there all in traditional Moroccan clothing. We then went up these stairs with incense burners in little Moroccan lanterns (I had to buy myself one for at home) going all the way up, it smelt lovely.

The seating area was upstairs overlooking the chaotic atmosphere outside. Moroccan music were playing and the men were dressed in djellabas’ (A long robe worn by men and women) and a red fez hat. This is where I tried my first ever tagine! Later on that night belly dancers came out, they were dressed in these gorgeous hot pink outfits (A beaded bra top and beaded skirt). I wanted one! Their dancing was amazing and then they got me up dancing with them… I tried belly dancing but found it difficult so I began to twerk (OOOPS) everybody laughed and clapped. An older lady came out with a tray full of candles on her head, she got Alexander up and placed them on his head, he pulled the most funniest faces (Caught it on video).

As you can see it’s very dark!

Day 2: 

It were my Ell’s 21st! He got up and opened his cards outside in the sun with a table full of breakfast food (Not bad for some, ayy). Fair to say he got well and truly spoilt. Oh, I forgot to mention I got woken up at 5am by the nearest Mosque doing the morning prayers (They play it out on speakers) I mean it were quite incredible to hear for the first few times. However, after 7 days of being woken up by it I couldn’t wait to not hear it again so I could get a proper nights sleep. Again, we just sun bathed and chilled by the pool win gins (Perfect).

edit 4

Ready to go out

That evening Jeff and Alison had booked yet another restaurant for Elliott’s birthday. Well this were just unbelievable. You go into the main square which is just chaotic, crazy and overwhelming (In a good way). Then you go down little alleyways, this is where the restaurant La Sultana were. It looks a bit scary and odd at first because you are just going down busy hustle and bustle streets and then you see these big gorgeous Moroccan doorways. Inside were a Riad Hotel, the interior in this Hotel were just Breathtaking. We then went up a set of stairs to the restaurant. WOW. You were on the rooftop and it were all open, you could just see and hear all the bedlam when you looked over the balcony in the ‘real world’. I just couldn’t believe the contrast between them, it was like we were in a different world.

Some of the beautiful interior ft Elliott being Elliott

Now, the food were something else. I went to get a cocktail and it were £15 for just ONE glass. I ordered a Gin instead (We ain’t rich). A man was sat on a little stool playing Moroccan music and they brought a chair out specially for mine and Alison’s bag (A f*****g chair for my bag! I were gobsmacked. I mean it were a pretty bag). They also brought out little blankets for us because on an evening it got a bit chilly. For starters I had a Lobster Ravioli (Divine) and main I had Scallops with Risotto. They both had cute little flowers in, I tried one but did not like it one bit (EWWW, tasted like poison). They then came out and sang Happy Birthday to Elliott and brought him out a chocolate cake. We were all sooo full though and couldn’t eat most of it.

Day 3:

Again we got up and sun bathed, had gins, listened to some music and tanned. Me and Alison had some girly talks and the boys played card games and poker. Jeff made the best gins, that were his job. Alexander and I both through each other into the pool, he got very angry about that though. Now, I haven’t mentioned our driver yet, Ishmael, he were the best! Like the cutest guy, he did everything for us.

We had a little walk round the square. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like it. You have women shouting ‘Henna tattoo for you’ while grabbing your wrist. Men shouting out at their stalls ‘Hey pretty lady’ ‘Hey skinny ladies’ ‘Hey, fish and chips’ I’m assuming this is because we are English. I got called Shakira and Alison got called Lady Gaga.

Ishmael recommended a restaurant and booked it for us. We were all a little apprehensive as it were somewhere nobody had been before. However, when we got there it were stunning just like the other places. I tried chicken couscous which were good. In the middle of the floor in the center of all the tables, was a little tiny square filled with water, flowers and candles (So cute). Ishmael came and got us and took us to a Riad which were owned by the man whom owned the Villa we were stopping in. It were sensational, a big pool in the center then all the hotel rooms were around it. I just can’t explain it. Ishmael then brought us mint tea and biscuits.

edit 10

How gorgeous is this door?

Part 1 is over. Sorry it’s soo long I just needed to tell you all about how amazing it were. Part 2 will be next Tuesday so don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE.

Have you ever been to Morocco? If yes what did you think?

Would you like to visit Morocco?

Love, Caitlin





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