Moroccan Nights: Part 2

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Moroccan Nights

Day 4:

I got up and had my breakfast like most mornings. Me, Alison and Jeff decided to go to the local supermarket as we were running out of food (The boys never stop eating… neither do I) Ishmael drove us there. The boot had to be checked before we was able to enter the car park. We did our food shopping while Ishmael went and collected the Chefs ingredients for our breakfast and lunch. Now, the alcohol was very expensive! This is because Morocco is a Muslim country and they don’t drink alcohol (well most don’t).

We then had to drive into the main square to go get some money out. The Koutoubia Mosque lives here, It’s absolutely stunning. Me and Alison went and looked up close to get some images of it. I really wanted to go inside and have a look but we didn’t have time.


I love this image, It’s just Morocco all over.

As an early birthday present Alison treat me to a hammam massage. This is a traditional Moroccan massage. We went that afternoon, it consisted of 11 steps.

Step 1- They took us both into a little, cosy room which smelt gorgeous. It looked like a little hut inside. They were candles going round and little petals everywhere. There were two big marble slabs which we was told to sit on (They were extremely hot!) we had to go in topless and in our bikini bottoms.  They then began to shower us down with warm water.

Step 2- They lathered us both up in this oil, it smelt gorgeous.

Step 3- Again, they used the shower head to wash it off (They repeat this step a lot)

Step 4- They used an exfoliate mit. It wasn’t a cloth one though it was something solid and it hurt a little but made our skin feel dead soft afterwards. Before we went on holiday we both had a spray tan however, after getting exfoliated it had all come off (We were naturally tanned now though, phewww). The lady who were doing Alison’s hamman was a bit rough with her (I got the gentle one.. Muahaha)

Step 5- Go on guess what this next step was… the shower head.

Step 6- They used this mud to cover our bodies. It was like a clay type mud. They then told us to lay down on the slabs for 5 minutes until the mud had dried. The slabs were really hot and it began to burn Alison so the lady had to use the cold shower head to cool it down a bit.


Step 8-  They then washed our hair and our body with these gorgeous smelling soaps.

Step 9- Then they used the shower to rinse it off. Told you they used this step a lot, this is the last time I promise.

Step 10- they then dried us off and put this robes on us with a little tassel on the hood. It looked funny, especially mine it buried me.

Step 11- For the last step they had put soft cushions down on the slabs ready for our massage. Now this was just perfect. They used a really sweet smelling lotion and began to crack my toes, fingers and back. I fell asleep it was that good.

If you ever go to Morocco you need to have a Hamman.

That evening

We got ready to go out the Italian which Alison and Jeff has been to before. Elliott wasn’t feeling too well though. I had this creamy, chicken pasta and a mojito which wasn’t too good. It weirdly had an after taste of chocolate (I’m weird, I know). We then went to the piano bar. This bar was just stunning, again you went through these big doors into a riad. The bar had a man playing on a keyboard and singing. I had a mojito again, this one was good though, they even put a little rose in (Cute).


Day 5:

We all just chilled again and had gins and listened to music. I started to read my Girl boss book, which I still haven’t finished.


We booked a table in the new town to another Italian because everybody were craving pizzas and they didn’t have them in the other Italian. I had a four cheese pizza and it was good, a bit sickly though. We had a walk around the new town and if I’m honest it was nothing special, it was bit dull and was like any other town. We preferred the old town. When we Ishmael came to pick us back up we drove through the new town but in the posh part. This was up lit up and had a lot of clubs and casinos. It also had Louis Vuitton shop, this looked a lot better than the bit we had just been in.

Night 6:

This was my favorite night! Ishmael had recommend another restaurant so after the first one we had faith in him. He gave us directions after he dropped us off at our dropping off point. we walked through little alleyways full on little shops. The shops were selling items like Moroccan lanterns and long draped curtains that were colorful. People were driving round on mopeds and you had to jump out the way because they were coming at every direction. Locals didn’t even bat an eyelid they just stepped out of the way as if it was just the norm for them.

We got to these big golden doors and that’s where we was having our meal. It was just out of this world the walls, the ceiling and the floors were made out of patterned tiles. They had Moroccan lanterns and chandeliers everywhere. We walked down this corridor and turned down onto another with more tiles and we could hear this Moroccan music being played. We stepped into a room with a stage in the center and around it were seats and in the corner was a band playing traditional Moroccan music. On the center stage was a big chandelier and then a lady who was belly dancing.

For my tea I had Chicken kebab which was very tasty. A man came round to our table playing an instrument while spinning his head so the tassel on the end of his fez went round. Then another belly dancer came out in a long gown, she came round to our tables and got me up belly dancing… again. I loved it though. We then went for a walk around the main square, Alison bought a Moroccan ball gown for a fancy dress party for when she got back home. The man in the shop loved us and decided to dress me up and then asked for a picture. Elliott bought me a bag for my birthday, the man we got it off asked Elliott if he could swap me for something. (Elliott asked him for some good, good spice then he’d swap me).

I had an absolutely amazing time. It’s just something you can’t explain. You have to go and see it for yourself. It’s a real eye opener to see how other cultures live and what they see as acceptable and unacceptable. I would 100% go back here, the people were lovely, the food was amazing and the place is stunning. I would recommend it to anybody, even those with children.

Thank you for reading.

Love, Caitlin


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